Five Minutes… GO!

14 Sep

Once upon a time, baby is grabbed by the neck, cold hands, mean doctor, i’m freezing, i’m crying, wipe me off! mommy is warm, beautiful woman, i’m showered with love. my dad is my hero, my brother is my hero, my sister is annoying. play with the dog all day long, i love to learn, going to be a scientist or a veterinarian. beat up on the boys, daddy will protect me, grandmas spoil me, i’m a good liar, leader of the pack, i’m the funny girl, not the pretty girl, but that’s ok, ’cause i’m smarter than you. i’m on a fucking plane, never to go back, my friends, my dog, my house, my grandmas, my teachers, my catholic school uniform, my toys, my BARBIE HOUSE! my brother, my aunts, this is so unfair. new people are boring, but this place smells nice. new friends suck, everyone is rude, i miss my dog, she’s dead, i hate my mom. make new friends, learn a new language, independence, have a car, have a job, i can manipulate boys! kiss, kiss, make out, the system is fucked, fun now, fun later, your rules don’t apply to me, get into school, party time, 6am bedtime, miss my mom, damn it, best parents in the world. i’m a heart breaker and a manipulator, karma is a bitch, i’m crying and i miss you, gonna change the world, one kid at a time, meet my best friend, fall in love, life lived suspended, ignorance is bliss, please stop time, time catches up, we break up, boys boys boys, heart heals, reality sets in, school’s out forever, get a job, adult now, my own place, party time, charge it to my credit card. dog on a plane, companion forever, unemployed, bills to pay, apparently i’m awesome, employers love me, playing tricks on life, life plays tricks on me, fall in love, expect too much, not ready for this, ignore warning signs, perpetual disappointment, heart break, holy shit, thank you, i told you so, what were you thinking, age is more than a number, see the light, close my eyes, carve out a path, beat the pinata, smile at freedom, don’t want to settle, where do i go now?


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