Innovators, Immitators, Idiots…

14 Sep

Originality is lost nearly as soon as it’s birthed. It is virtually impossible to remain single and unique – what you create now is copied an instant from now. A retrospective look is simply incapable of capturing the essence, context, feeling, strength, and experience of an innovative piece of.. anything. Arguably a paradox considering something cannot be conceived innovative without comparison. If it could, then everything would stand exclusively, untouchable in its singularity. In this case our analytical skills come to good use; we trust ourselves with the power to disseminate truth from lie; original from imitation; stimulating from bothering. A daunting task, but I digress. I feel an intense compulsion to remain on the cusp of new; a present and persistent committal to experience things in their entirety, with truth in feeling. It’s exhausting at times and often feels a type of trap. My greatest fear is not knowing why I follow the impulse and worst yet, where I’ll end up. My current goal, and truthfully in part borne out of this mentioned fear, is to track the process. The hope is that herein lies a journey worth narrating and that, via some miraculous, inexplicable supernatural force, the journey (and narration) resonate with other minds and manifest in… whatever vehicle fancies the receiver. Isn’t that the most beautiful prospective?

I’m holding on to dear life, with splitting nails dug into rough terrain, with might and sweat and full regard – as full as my 26yo aimless mind can – to my spot right on the brink. The wind rushes past, even swaying me, but incapable of penetrating or causing a drastic shift. I want to sink my toes into this spot, leaning my body over as deep as I can. Your wind, your rain, your noise and your chatter can’t move me. I want to know what I can see from here. I hope it’s something good.


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