Valentine’s Day

9 Feb

I was driving to work this morning, annoyed that WBUR was cutting into my news time to advertise their annual Valentine’s Day fund-raising partnership with Winston Flowers; make a contribution of $150 and Winston Flowers sends a dozen long-stemmed red roses to your significant other.

I really like flowers. They make me smile and they’re a quick, easy way to brighten a room. I’m not a fan of red roses, but I love sunflowers, tulips, yellow roses, daisies… they’re happy.  Unless you get them from your boyfriend every month because he spends so little quality time with you that he spends $50 each time in an attempt to buy your affection. Then you sort of start to hate the flowers and wish you could burn them along with his favorite video-game that he plays for entire Saturdays. But that’s another story.

I can only remember two V-Days spent with boyfriends. One of them bought me flowers and an expensive watch. I loved that watch. It broke about a month after he and I broke up. The other boyfriend got me flowers and made us dinner. We were poor students and he was lazy, like most guys, so I wasn’t expecting much. He picked me up and brought me to his place. I walked in and he had set up a small table for two with candle lighting. He actually cooked the whole meal himself. I think I cried a little, I was very touched.

It’s no secret that V-Day is a day for women. It’s about us; give us attention, give us love, spend time doing something for us. We are needy, so we established a day of devotion to us. I can get down with that. What I can’t get down with is the idea of spending lots of money on gifts. I think that’s entirely what V-Day is NOT about. It doesn’t take a lot of thought or commitment to enter your credit card number on a website and wait 3 days for the goods to arrive.  Getting stuff is nice, I’m not complaining. But there’s no denying that the candle-lit dinner, prepared by a boy whose best dish thus far had been microwavable oatmeal, was a sweet and thoughtful gesture I will always remember. I hope any boys reading this will take note and take a little bit of time to prepare something sweet for his girl/boyfriend; a short scrapbook, a mixed CD, a made-from-scratch meal, some love coupons… or anything related to a passion your other half might have.

I don’t have a boyfriend and “finding a valentine” for one day is pretty lame, so this Sunday will be like any other Sunday for me. But I’ll be thinking about the people that make my life special: the people who listen to my nonsense without judgment, the ones who trust and confide in me, the ones who drag me out of crappy moods and into laughter. My warm thoughts on V-Day are for you 🙂


2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day”

  1. inna February 17, 2010 at 13:52 #

    i like chips and salsa on V day. i call it casual chic.

  2. weedforspeed February 18, 2010 at 16:18 #

    hahaha. i think you are casual and chic.

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