Dogs and pictures and pictures of dogs

21 Feb

I like looking at pictures and thinking back to the moment they were taken; what was so funny, surprising, clever, or ridiculous that I absolutely had to capture forever. Stand still! Don’t move, I need a picture of this!

I have lots of good ones on my iPhone. Quite a few are of my dog (I’m kind of pathetic). But many are of friends.

There’s one of my best friend sitting on my couch, left foot on the floor, right foot pressed against his chest, held up by his arms. He’s looking at the camera with a retarded smile on his face. His girlfriend’s left side is in the frame, casually seated with her legs crossed, a glass of wine in one hand and a horizontal peace sign in the other – yea, scissor shaped hand. And that hand is directly in line with, and in front of, his crotch. So in the picture it looks like she’s cutting his penis. While drinking wine. And he looks demented. Holding up a leg.

That is a funny picture. She capitalized on a ridiculous moment of his: he was holding his right leg up because she and I prohibited him from placing that foot on the coffee table, where I had just laid out food and drinks. So he didn’t know what to do with his leg. And held it up.

Another great picture is of my bedroom, circa 11pm. The bright blue wall is dimly lit by the lamp on the nightstand. Two pillows lay on the bed, side by side at the head. The left side, by the nightstand, is empty. The right side… there’s my dog. Laying on the bed, head on pillow, like a person. By 10:30pm or so, if I’m still on the couch, she’ll get off it, stretch, drink some water. Stretch, walk to the bedroom. Stop. Look at me. Go in and jump on the bed. And rest her head on the pillow. On the right side. Because she knows it’s her side. And then she falls asleep.

There are plenty of photos of her licking my feet. I know your brain might go all erotic on me right now, but it really shouldn’t. She’s grooming me. I’m her pack leader. She’s licking my feet ‘cause I go out into the world and bring her back food and take her out to the park and shit. I make things happen for her. I’m like a freaking hero. So she licks my feet in appreciation. And it feels good. My feet (and hands and nose) are always freezing, so it’s awesome when she just volunteers to warm up my feet with her warm tongue.

And she magically knows to apply some pressure on the most stressed points of my feet. She’s a spiritual dog, I tell ya. She can sense things. And so she diligently works through my feet, section by section, one and the other. Then it’s sleepy time, with her head on the foot she just finished licking. Tori’s the best. And so are pictures.


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