New Order

22 Feb

I wonder if Sumner, Hook, and Morris ever thought that Age of Consent might be someone’s Summer of 2009 Song. At least for me, it’s kind of awesome because the song came out in 1983 – my birth year – and 2009 was a great summer for me. Months of freedom and adventures.

Age of Consent is mini skirts and flat sandals. Dancing in Cambridge, tanning on the Commons, film addiction, short, exciting romances. It’s nights out with boys, long walks withe the dog, yoga, friends who are now gone, friends who were new and now are close. It’s of Irish soccer players and camaraderie, joints in Dorchester, sleepless New York City nights, and Sauvignon blancs. Lazy days on Cape Cod shores, crying on roller coasters (again and again), singing loudly in the car, vintage shopping, breweries. It’s crab cake and burlesque obsessions, Spaniards, couch jumping, dares for money. It’s a lot of memories. It’s refreshing each time.


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