24 Jul

That night we decided on a whim to have a mini adventure. Headlamps, sleeping bag, snacks, tent, weed, kayaks, and a lot of love for one another. We packed it all up swiftly and off we were, quiet in the darkness, paddling toward the island. We skinny dipped in unbelievably warm water, watching the cars go by the highway, hearing them faintly and feeling so far removed from the concrete. You were inside me as I floated on the water, feeling free like a bird, lucky, and loved. We talked all night. We slept under the stars and awoke to the birds. It was a coming-of-age summer for me, to be wrapped up in a kind of love that seemed to have no beginning or end; we just were, together.

So many sunny weekends have passed since. And so many clouds over our heads.

Last night I remembered us, if for a fleeting second. I was standing at the edge of the Mass. Ave. bridge, in a bra and panties, with Adonis next to me. We had met at a bar, he with inflated cactus in hand and gorgeous smile on lips, and our souls came together like good old friends.  And now, he stood next to me at the edge. The adrenaline of a 3am jump into the Charles River, thanks to this chance encounter’s daring suggestion, coursed through my blood, along with the alcohol. I looked down, unable to gauge the height of the jump in the darkness. I looked to Adonis, and he kissed me. He ran his fingers through my hair, down my shoulder, hip, thigh. I couldn’t tell if I felt more horny or anxious of the jump and this mix of feelings generated only more euphoria. I looked out to the cityscape, the lights beyond the river, and I felt so fucking alive. “I’m gonna scream so much, you have no idea,” I told him.  “That’s all right,” he nodded, “scream all you want.”  He smiled, counted to three, and we jumped. I love that dirty water. And I didn’t mind it as we swam to the rocks, water so warm, inviting bare skin. His grip on my body was strong, and we were both on a natural high, floating together for what seemed like an hour, under the bridge, below the city lights, absolute fucking bliss.

This has, by far, been the best summer of my life.


One Response to “Summers”

  1. subject-verb agreement July 25, 2013 at 00:17 #

    you paint vivid pictures, mama. what a treat. thanks for the late night snack. ❤

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