Tanscendental Sexuality, and why you should explore it

2 Jan

He carries himchichiself with quiet, peaceful strength, and he smells like all of that too. We found ways and reasons and spaces to stay together that warm night, through massage and hugs, silent but for deep breaths under a starry Caribbean sky. Numbers were exchanged and we happened to make it to the same beach around the same time on the next day. An afternoon of exploring sand and sun, and gentle waves fit for play.


An afternoon that turned into evening as magnetic pleasure for each other’s proximity called above all else. Loud in our own hearts, loud enough we acknowledged it in the other. So, yea, let’s spend the night out here. It’s beautiful, it’s warm. And we can keep touching each other.

It couldn’t have been a blur because every moment was intense and pulsating and vivid of color and taste. But they came on like waves, rhythmic, and we created an orbit for hours, we really did. Only taste and touch. Only tactile discovery of our shapes, and textures, curves, and natural undulations. Only the warmth of our skins, and the gentle hold of his arms supporting me, we rolled like choreography on that shore. Hours, I tell you. At sunrise we kissed, we folded blankets and sheets, zipped backpacks, and accelerated away. Family day for him, flight home for me.

We still hold that gift and have unwrapped it together a couple of times. First, shyly, with sideways glances away from the other’s image coming through the computer screen;

did you feel it too? Time didn’t exist. We touched, we danced, we kissed, and suddenly the sky was brightening again.

Then, confidently. That. What we had that night, THAT. 

We want that.  Or better yet; we know THAT is what it’s got to be.  We know we’re not stuck in bodies, we have elastic skin to transcend us in and out of here.

We’re given other versions of ourselves, varied textures of hair and tones of skin, other families, and tongues spoken, even, but… once we quiet, we hear the same palpitations within.

We’re given sex and pleasure, lust and love. Perceptions of the world through tender nerves sparking up connections they’ve always known.

His touch set my essence into dance with my brothers and sisters; the stars, the moonlight.   Because Love solidifies our existence, we are gifts to one another, abettors that close the distance between ourselves… and all we were, moments after birth, and all we can be, if we listen closely.


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