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This sucks, thanks for reading

26 Apr

I’m pretty fucking angry. I’m angry because I’ve forgotten how to write. Or how to entertain myself while writing. And I’m now a certified lame-o for boo-hooing about my writer’s block when I’m not even a goddamn writer to begin with. I’m just a chick with a blog.

I’m also pretty fucking angry at how shallow I am sometimes. I choose to twirl my hair and think about how much I enjoyed being sexually harassed by a New York City bartender instead of working on an overdue spreadsheet. I click on the Lindsay Lohan throws glass at girlfriend’s head headline before reading what Stephen Hawking thinks about our attempts to communicate with aliens. And fuck it, yes, I go to the gym because I want to be healthy and live a long life, but more than that, it’s because I want a really hot body.

I’m angry because I’ve yet to begin researching the fourth dimension theory that is so imperative for the brilliant sci-fi thriller that’s in my head. I read a little here and there, but the info I want is inside books found at the library. The library where I owe $60 in lost titles. They aren’t lost, really, they’re just somewhere in my apartment. My apartment that is perpetually messy, since I’ve decided not to clean until it’s time to start packing for my move. My move into the new place I’ve yet to measure out to ensure I can bring all of my furniture. All the furniture I’ll probably end up selling in order to get brand new stuff because I’m a spoiled brat who spends on furniture and tattoos when she should be saving her money with a credit union that is less likely to fuck her over if financial reform doesn’t pass or gets pissed on by republicans, thus enabling irrational booms to plummet a decade from now, wiping everyone else’s savings except for mine.

I’m angry when I read the disgusting lies uttered by republicans trying to shut down the financial reform bill. Bull-fucking-shit such as claiming government should simply allow banks to fail, that existing derivatives contracts should be exempt from new regulations, that the proposed bill will hurt the markets beyond repair… are you confused?

So am I. But I’m not confused enough to know that we will NEVER allow banks to fail within our existing system, where they’re too powerful and hold too much of our money without any backing. Because if we did let them fail, the fuckers at the top would wipe their hands clean and take their business elsewhere, while Americans scramble through another recession. And do you know what derivatives are? If I’ve got an apple, you and I are gonna bet on the FUTURE VALUE of that apple. If my apple’s worth $5 or more in 2015, you pay me $1. If it’s worth less, I pay you $1. That’s how these institutions make money. Does that sound like some crazy game made up by a four year-old? Yes, it does. But did you know it’s a HUGE market that is largely UNREGULATED? Did you know that Warren Buffett himself once called derivatives “weapons of financial distruction?” Did you know that one of the measures republicans want to stop is of forcing these institutions to set aside their own bailout money in case of severe loss in their derivatives investments? Doesn’t that sound like it makes sense? Well, the republicans don’t think so. Apparently their outrage at bailing out the banks one year ago was… for show. To rally the American people against the democratic president and gain support for themselves and their money grubbing friends.  Who would’ve thunk?

I’m angry that people like the Arizona governor exist and that she has supporters who somehow can rationalize the legalization of racial profiling, abuse of power, and violation of civil rights. I’m angry that a guy like John McCain, who once seemed like a good dude, has actually supported this law because he’s so happy that this shit is happening under Obama’s watch and may score a few conservative votes now that he’s left behind Palin’s dust.

But mostly I’m just angry I can’t just burp a blog post like I was doing two weeks ago. Hopefully my writing class starting next Thursday will get the juices flowing again. Either that or I haven’t been watching enough porn.



13 Apr

Went on hulu last night to look for mindless television programming to numb me for an hour or so, but ended up watching this.

Everyone should watch this. It will make you a better person. Skip to minute 3 if you’re bored by the interviewer’s introduction. He’s just very nervous, I think.

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It’s ALL Politics

25 Feb

In the past week I’ve learned lots of new blogging-related stuff but have also realized there’s more out there than I care to know. Found it hilarious that there are “giveaway” online communities: comment on my blog and you’re entered to win, say, a box of expensive chocolates! It’s a tried and true method; people like getting stuff for free. I attracted new members to my student organization meetings with pizza, and Eric Cartman got tons of people to attend his “anti re-release of classic movies” group with free hats. For the time being, I’ll just post and be content with that. No free chocolates. I’d probably eat them or take too long to ship them and then get some kind of negative feedback and lots of hate.

A little quid-pro-quo. I’ve always been bad at it. I don’t know if it’s naiveté, but I always feel a little sleazy trying to imply a “do this for me and I’ll do this for you.” Case in point: I was recently in a car accident, so Shrek is in the shop, getting fixed. I sent him to my boss’ mechanic because the guy would be able to “take care” of me by “working the numbers” so I wouldn’t have to pay my $500 deductible. That sounds pretty damn awesome – except I couldn’t get the words out to ask for it.

What am I supposed to say?? Hey, can you lie on your estimate so I can get some money out of this? I’ve never met you, but I promise I’ll be a loyal customer.

So my boss offered to do the talking. Call me a wuss, or inexperienced… I have a hard time doing that kind of stuff. I’m not shy when fighting for my rights, but when it comes to “favors,” I shudder. That’s why I hated my sales job. Some of the same people are still working there, years later, making bank and loving their jobs. It’s a nice company and Kendall Square is a nice area, yada yada. But I couldn’t stand having to twist my words – ever so slightly – knowing that I was giving the customer a visual that wasn’t exactly accurate. So I quit with my dignity upheld and low funds in the bank.

Listening to the health care summit this afternoon raised every hair on my body. I cannot, for the life of me, comprehend how a [expletive adjective] [expletive noun] could possibly sit in front of his colleagues, in front of cameras, and to the people who pay his $170,000 salary + phenomenal benefits say: “We have the best health care system in the world.” How the fuck dare you?

These people are spreading the notion that things are fine the way they are, the free markets will adjust themselves, that the reform will cost too much, that catastrophic care is perfectly fine for most, and that, if treatment is expensive, people will “make do” with just the necessary. Are we hearing this? These people are throwing us to the lions. We live in a world where doctors are compensated by pharmaceutical companies to prescribe more and more medicine. Where over a billion dollars are spent yearly on lobbyists – in 2009 there were eight of them for each congressman – and where health insurance companies raise their premiums by as much as 39%. It’s a circus. It’s a free-for-all for all the [pluralized expletive] with no shame in engaging in a little quid-pro-quo. Money for me is money for you. Both democrats and republicans listen to lobbyists. But it’s at times like THIS when we see who (despite selling out) still wants to make people’s lives better. Who is still trying to find solutions with an open mind and without eyes strictly on the money. I don’t think democrats are saints. I just think that politicians who say feeding welfare children is like breeding unwanted strays and those who quote and support the stupidity that came out of CPAC and Tea Party orgies… these creatures should be sent off to an island, given shit-tons of fake money, bibles and barely-legal porn for all eternity.

The point of the matter is… after all of this drawn out bullshit, it is pretty clear that it’s time to move on. Pass the bill and tell them to fuck themselves. OK? And then please, grow some balls and stop bickering with each other.

There are also those who think we need to “scrap this” and “start over”… I understand; the plan isn’t perfect. But unless you’re gonna take up arms and stage a coup, you get this plan or you get nothing at all for another decade. And if you think this isn’t the case, then you’re [very] naive.

If this post offends you, don’t worry, deep breaths – you’re a republican. Just start reading and listening to some news for a few weeks, ask questions, and have a democrat friend checking in once in a while to clarify some concepts you may never have heard before. Have patience, and when in doubt, read Paul Krugman, Bill Maher, or watch The Daily Show. You will begin to understand.

Healthcare reform… apparently not a no-brainer?

14 Sep

I find myself speechless and confused when I see so much reluctance and outright rejection of Obama’s health care reform proposition. I’ve read the eight points and, save for my hesitation on the ASD funding (perhaps in part to my own ignorance on the subject), I cannot see how it can lead to such national contention. The first question on anyone’s mind would be “how do we fund this?” A raging liberal inside me wants to respond, “if we can fund a disaster like the Iraqi war, we can fund universal healthcare” (“If you can find money to kill people, you can find money to help people”). But I know we need to dig deeper and come up with a reasonable and practical answer to the question – and MULTIPLE scenarios have been drawn up, from the administration to think tanks. I don’t need to list them here. They are sound and they are plausible, and with a mighty combination of reasoning and balls, they can be put into action.

My catalyst for this post isn’t the logistics of the reform; it’s the reaction I see creeping out of every corner; people are screaming bloody murder as if health care reform were synonymous with imminent socialism (and if it were, what of it?). The “tough issues” this country faces are “tough” only because no one wants to touch them. They’ve snowballed for decades and have essentially become political tools to shift public opinion from republican to democrat, as they will. And the public buys into it with such fervor, it’s reminiscent of every sci-fi short story depicting life under the watchful eyes of Big Brother. I’m pretty sure we’re exercising double-think, as we speak. We know it’s IMPORTANT to have health care accessible to all, but let’s not RUSH into it. And you push that ball down the hill for a few more months until something else happens and takes the shift away from this issue. Let another administration deal with it. Fact is, we have the funds, we have the brains, we have the manpower. We’re just missing some desire and balls. And I actually think Barack Obama not only has both, but he also has the wherewithal to convince everyone else to do it too (charisma, charm, whatever Bill and Hilary lacked in ’94). I digress here… it’s a constant state of anxiety and excitement and very little action. And now that Obama is trying to exercise ACTION, we see the craft of politics coming out; the fucking political jargon that webs the people who are too lazy to read and obtain facts for themselves. They chew it all up and spit it out for you with the proper phrasing and punctuation. It’s nothing short of a sales tactic (damn it, I should know. Thanks, Viacord!). And while this battle goes on, people suffer. Real people… suffer. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t 100% foolproof. Nothing is, and that argument is crap. What matters is something must be done and it must be done now. And this is best *start* of a reform we’ve seen in a really long time. Everyone chanted “Change” when he was running, and now that he’s trying to actually instill it, everyone’s getting cold feet. It’s really easy to be complacent and complain. It’s not so easy to take a real leap of faith (within reason) and act. We can’t let ourselves be brain washed by the angles the media chooses to discuss this incredibly important issue or the stupid Facebook polls (Like, do you want healthcare for everyone like, with the big government telling you what to do and stuff, or not??”). Believe it or not, that’s how public opinion is formed. Hammer that message into people’s brain long enough and they start spitting it right back out as if it were God’s truth (which in and of itself is… let it go, Juliana..). This is a really important time in our history, and yes, we need to set deadlines and yes, we need to demand action. This is it, we can change our history. We can be the generation that finally made health care a RIGHT, and not a priviledge. I was raised in another country just long enough to never be able to never fully consider myself an “American,” culturally speaking, but I can very well understand and share in the pride people have in the foundation of this country and its history. But instead of just crying it out, it’s important to exercise it too.